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THANK YOU to everyone who packed meals with Feed My Starving Children!

Sunday, December 14 is our annual children's Christmas program during the church service.  All ages of youth and young adults are invited to participate. Please contact me if you are interested in helping.

Sunday, December 21 is time for our SECOND ANNUAL GOOFY GRAB BAG CHRISTMAS PARTY!  Bring an inexpensive wrapped gift and your sense of humor as we celebrate the Christmas season. 

Sunday, December 21 is also our church Christmas concert. I'm the lead volunteer for the coat check, so if you are looking for a chance to serve, please let me know! 


11:30AM - 12:30AM  


The Book of Judges is full of people who were consistently making mistakes. After the death of Joshua, there was no strong leader for the Israelites, and so they fell into sin.  Time after time, they turn away from God. And time after time, God forgives them.
This is the story of an unfaithful people and a faithful God.
Join us as we learn what this means for our lives and how we can experience the same love and faithfulness. 
4:00PM - 6:00PM = Hang Time
Enjoy this time dedicated to building relationships and encouraging others as we continue to face our busy weeks.  Come ready for:
  • Friendship - Connect with other students from the church and community.
  • Laughter - By the time we reach the middle of the week, we all need a laugh.
  • God - Bible study immediately follows hang time.
6:00PM - 7:30PM = Bible Study 
We have recently started a study on the book of Ecclesiastes.  The Teacher starts with a very negative and pessimistic view of life, using nature as an example of how nothing ever changes - and everything is meaningless. 
But is it?
Join us as we journey with the Teacher and learn from his questions as we process our own.
If you have any questions about the youth program here at First Baptist, please feel free to contact me.
Lauren Visser
Minister of Youth and Young Adults
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