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Helping Hands for Hard Times

Our church wants to help others during these trying economic times.
Below are some of our offerings


Below is a partial list of services individuals are volunteering to those within our church.
For more specific contact information call First Baptist at 708/848-4070.

Club Purchases, pills Stephen Ministries

    Elaine Feuerabend, see Account Representative at Xpedx
  • Coordination of bulk buying at Sam’s Club
  • Stephen Ministries Counseling Coordination

Job Search Assistance/Interviewing skills/Career Coaching/Internet Job Search Assistance

    Jan Hoover, Vice President, Human Resources, RR Donnelley
  • Job Interview Preparation
    Miles Lee
  • Assistance in directing individuals to on-line resources to locate job opportunities such as, Linkedin, & Facebook
    Bill O’Toole, Former SVP (retired), DBM, (An International Outplacement Firm)
  • I am available to offer confidential one-on-one job search and career counseling suggestions
  • I could also be a contact point for identifying others in our congregation who have experience in Job Search, Executive Search, Career Coaching, Outplacement and Human Resources who are willing to share their skills and experience with others
    Jerry Russo, President and CEO, Roman Decorating Products
  • Reviewing and writing resumes
  • One-on-one interview coaching

Finances/Personal Finance Consulting/Financial Advisor

    Perla G. Londres, Financial Advisory, Financial Consultants Group, Inc.
  • One-on-one consulting
    Lee McDonald, Insurance Agent, New York Life
  • Life insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Investments
  • College funding
    LeVoyd Robinson, Managing Principal, Chicago Fundamental Investments
  • Mortgage advice
    Gregory Snyder, SVP, HSBC
  • Provide reference to general financial education websites, for example:
  • Be available for inquiries on personal finance from church members

College Financial Aid

    Michael Shields, Director of Financial Assistance, Dominican University
  • College Financial Assistance/Scholarships


    Linzy Waters, CEO, Waters & Associates
  • One-on-one counseling in managing personal change



 We also recommend the Angel Food Ministry ( For $30.00 per box a family of four receives balanced nutrition and variety. A typical box contains New York Strip Steaks, Chicken Breast Stir Fry, Supreme Pizza, Jumbo Beef Patties with Gravy, All Meat Hot Dogs,

16 slices of individually wrapped Cheese Slices, Mixed Vegetables, French Fries, White Corn Tortillas, Rice, Peach Halves, Pancake Mix, 2% Shelf Stable Milk, Dozen Eggs, Dessert.



 Help us update this list with your ideas and resource information by mailing us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



· and Coupon

· Bulk buying at Sam's Cub (contact Elaine Feuerabend)

· Hostess/Wonder Bread outlet store on North Ave. (50% and more off baked goods)

· Sara Lee Outlet Store on Harlem in N. Riverside

· Angel Food—a Christian food co-op. $30 purchases enough food for a family of four for a week. Nearest pick-up site is in River Grove

· Shop at Aldi’s. Our family has done our grocery shopping at Aldi for years. One can fill up the grocery cart for under $100.00—pretty amazing


· Camp Grow Family Camp; go to

· Free admission passes to Brookfield Zoo and museums through local public libraries

· Free admission days at Chicago museums: Chicago Adler Planetarium (various days); Chicago Historical Society (Mondays); Art Institute of Chicago (Thursdays, 5:00 –8:00 p.m.); Museum of Contemporary Art (Tuesdays); Field Museum (Second Mondays); Museum of Science and Industry (various days)

· “Entertainment Book”—Two-for-one coupons for restaurants, theatre, sports, etc.

· Minor League Baseball—Kane County Cougars; free parking, tickets $8 -$14, but sometimes as little as $4.00

· White Sox half-price nights

· Second-run movie theaters: La Grange Theatre, 80 S. La Grange Rd., La Grange, IL, 708/354-0460;Glen Ellyn Theater, 540 Crescent Blvd., Glen Ellyn, IL 630/415-1976.

· Sunday $10.00 matinees at Jazz Showcase; go to

· Front row seats at “Jersey Boys”; the best value is the $25 rush tickets that go on sale at 10:00 a.m.; go to

· Gallery seating at Chicago Symphony Orchestra; tickets start at $17.00

· Steppenwolf Theater; half-price rush tickets are available one hour before each show as well as 20 $20 tickets set aside for same-day performances; go to

· Chicago Cultural Center: all free events; go to

· “Richard III’ by the Shakespeare Project of Chicago; this company never charges for its productions; go to

· Free or low cost concerts and plays at local colleges

·; purchase a coupon for $5 -$10 and get $25 off at many Chicagoland restaurants

· Put on a forlorn face outside Symphony Center (and other venues) just before curtain time in the hope that someone will take pit on you and give a ticket (or sell it cheap)

· Borrow movies, CDs, and books from the library

· Look online for free concerts. The Chicago Symphony Concerts at Ravinia only cost $10.00 for lawn tickets.

· for offerings from businesses and information on free events

Home Furnishings

· Fort Pitt Furniture (, 1400 W. 37th, Chicago, IL) and Cooper Furniture (, 1929 S. Halsted, Chicago, IL) sell used furniture from some of the premier hotels (The Drake, Palmer House, etc.) when they remodel

· Carson's Furniture Clearance and Outlet in Naperville—especially when they have their Warehouse Sales

· Macy’s Clearance and Warehouse, 4000 W. Diversey, Chicago, and 27 81 Aurora Ave, Naperville

· Crate and Barrel Outlet, 443 Fort Hill Dr., Naperville

· Salvation Army/Good Will Stores


· Salvation Army (Red Shield) stores. (Roosevelt Rd., north side of street between Ridgeland and Oak Park Ave; Chicago Ave., south side of street, between Austin and Central). Good Will Store (Harlem Ave., between 16th & 22nd, west side of street in a small “mall”). Even new clothes should be washed in Lysol before wearing.


· Triton College offers reduced tuition to seniors or those who take classes for non-credit

Health Care

· Oak Park Children’s Clinic, 320 Lake Street, 708/848-0528

· Circle Family Healthcare, 5002 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL 773-379-1000

· Wal-Mart & Target: $4.00 prescriptions

· Access to Care, 708/531-0680: Access to Care is a model primary health care program serving low-income uninsured individuals in suburban Cook County, Illinois and in northwest Chicago (west of Pulaski Road and north of North Avenue).


· Energy Assistance Program, 887/411-9276,


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